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22. Album Stories: With You

22. Album Stories: With You

July 14, 2021

In this episode I share my memory of making the 22nd Chalk Dinosaur record, With You.


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21. Album Stories: Word of the Soul

21. Album Stories: Word of the Soul

June 30, 2021

In this episode I talk about the making of the album Word of the Soul. Lots of rambling. You can download or listen to the album here: or on Spotify.

20. Album Stories: Spectrum

20. Album Stories: Spectrum

April 15, 2021

The story of the Chalk Dinosaur album Spectrum.


19. What Just Happened

19. What Just Happened

April 8, 2021

Recap of what happened since episode 18.


Word of the Soul:

Chalk Dinosaur - Live at Homefest - 06.11.2020

Chalk Dinosaur - Live at the Rex Theater - 06.27.2020

18. Steve Ippolito - Drummer of The Clock Reads

18. Steve Ippolito - Drummer of The Clock Reads

April 21, 2020

In this episode I talk music with Steve Ippolito, a drummer in Pittsburgh who plays in a band called The Clock Reads.

note** There are a couple spots where the conversation cuts out and picks up later on in the conversation. This was my first attempt at a remote podcast and I encountered some unexpected technical difficulties.


The Clock Reads:

Their new album "Gnomon":

17. New Albums, Game Music, COVID, Managing Doubt, Identifying Targets and Vision
16. Katie Oltmanns - Radio DJ - Founder of Scene Unheard Podcast

16. Katie Oltmanns - Radio DJ - Founder of Scene Unheard Podcast

March 11, 2020

On this episode, I talk with Katie Oltmanns who works in the radio industry as a DJ on 105.9 and 104.7, the live music industry, and is the founder of a local music podcast called Scene Unheard. Katie details what it's like working in radio, how she arrived, and her experience doing Scene Unheard.


Check out her podcast, Scene Unheard

15. Paul Guarino - Owner/Founder of ASCEND

15. Paul Guarino - Owner/Founder of ASCEND

March 2, 2020

On today's episode I have a discussion with Paul Guarino, one of the owners and founders of ASCEND, a rock climbing gym in Pittsburgh. Interestingly, I've been involved musically with ASCEND since they opened. They've used Chalk Dinosaur music in some of their promotional videos and I've also DJ'd for the gym a couple times. I've been curious about what it was like starting that business, and the backstory behind everything, so I'm grateful for Paul taking the time to come and chat with me about it.


Next Chalk Dinosaur show is on March 26th  at the Thunderbird!

14. Cultivating Inspiration

14. Cultivating Inspiration

February 24, 2020

If we want to feel inspiration, we must not wait for it to find us, but rather, we must seek it out and cultivate it. If we feed it, it will grow. If we neglect it, it will wither.

In this episode I share my thoughts on actively seeking and maintaining an inspired state.

13. Jeremy Colbert • Taragape - Spirit Maze

13. Jeremy Colbert • Taragape - Spirit Maze

February 20, 2020

In this episode I sit down with Jeremy Colbert who is a Pittsburgh based singer/songwriter, guitar and terrapan player. Jeremy plays in a Pittsburgh folk rock band called Nameless in August, but this episode focuses on his upcoming solo album called Spirit Maze and the story behind it. His solo artist alias is Taragape. The album release show is this Saturday, February 22nd, 2020. Details and links below!

Artist: Taragape

Album: Spirit Maze (Available 2.22.2020)


Album Release Show: Saturday, 2.22.2020 • 6-9pm

Venue: Dragon's Den • 1008 Amity St • Homestead, PA


Album Art (wood):Naked Geometry •

Album Art (painting): Krystaleyez •

Nameless in August: 

Press release for Spirit Maze and the accompanying release show:

Jeremy Colbert, of folk-rock band Nameless in August, spent most of 2019 working to bring the album “Spirit Maze” to fruition. What began as a solo album with healing intentions has grown into a music entity seeking to support community and cultivate consciousness. The origin of the name stems from agápe, one of seven different words for ‘love’ by the ancient Greek culture, meaning unconditional love or love for humanity.

This unique album features handpan (inverted steel drum) arranged with strings intertwined with conscious guitar and lyric compositions. It is truly a sonic journey of reflection.

The album will be released on 02-22-20, 6-9pm at the Dragon’s Den, a new venue serving the youth community of Homestead by establishing an indoor ropes course and zip line. The Dragon’s Den will officially open this summer and 18% of tickets sold will benefit the venue.

For all event info and to purchase tickets, visit:

Taragápe will perform the album in its entirety as a 5-piece ensemble featuring Jeremy Colbert
(handpan/guitar/vocals), Matt Price (drums/percussion), James Bristol (double bass), Briana Carraher (cello), and Nashwan Abdullah (violin/fiddle).

The all-star lineup includes supporting musicians:

Scott & Rosanna
Guy Russo
David JM Bielewicz
Lauren ‘Shay’ DeMichiei
Jason Gamble
Monkey Goddess

Entertainment from circus arts performers:

Camille Zamboni (contortionist) and Ishkaday (dancer, light/fire spinner & acrobat)

Live painting by the renowned Seth Leibowitz
Also featured will be Hope Academy student performers!

Empath Sober Bar will be serving locally-sourced intentionally-infused non-alcoholic beverages

Laser-cut album merchandise designed by Naked Geometry

Production by Xenon Entertainment

Event coordination by TJ Parker-Young of Bricolage Theater Company



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